CHICAGO — True to his nickname, Doctor Chaos (Dr. Ch@s as he’s known online) caused mayhem after he stashed cyanide in a tunnel of the CTA just months after 9/11. He went away for long time, but now he’s out of prison and back on the streets of Chicago.

This week, WGN Investigates presents a four-part podcast and television series called “Chasing Chaos.”

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Tune into WGN News at 9 p.m. for the on-air reports.

Nearly 20 years ago, Joseph Konopka (aka Dr. Chaos) brought Chicago to a standstill. UIC police arrested him in the campus tunnel system carrying a vial of cyanide. But there was more. Dr. Chaos had hidden more than a pound of cyanide in an underground CTA storage room and re-keyed the door so no one else could get in.

Hidden tunnels and a deadly toxin. Add to the mix a man named Dr. Chaos and it’s a recipe for trouble. How did a young man get his hands on a pound of cyanide? What was he planning to do?

Before he was arrested in a tunnel underneath University of Illinois Chicago, Joseph Konopka (aka Dr. Chaos) flipped a switch and killed power to an entire town outside Green Bay. He also tried to set fire to a remote radio tower. He was caught... but he skipped bail, and skipped town. That's when he came to Chicago. In the third chapter of our series, Joe Donlon heads north, to retrace Konopka's steps, and look for the man himself. Where is Dr. Chaos now?

CHD Series

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