Frozen 2 has been making waves at the box office since it's release date on 22nd November. These are the top picks to buy from the much loved sequel

Just when the frenzy of Frozen was just starting to die down, (it wasn't) the arrival of Frozen 2 has brought along with it new challenges, new songs and of course, new toys.

With a very clever release date just just before Christmas, the film has already generated a range of fun toys for every Frozen fanatic to enjoy.

If you're on a budget there's no need to worry, some of the available options start from as little as £10 and for more premium options; you wont have to climb above £80 to bag something top of the line.

If you're still unsure about grabbing the best set for your money, we've listen ten of the best below.

The walker acts as a projector, simply adjust the elasticated straps to fix to any shoe size. Pressing the button activates the ice walker to spread crystal light effects across the floor - even whilst walking and running.

This incredible set is perfect for Frozen fans aged five and above. The Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village play set is perfect for encouraging imaginative play, letting them act out their favourite scenes or creating new ones.

Included in the set is a three storey castle; complete with throne room, bedroom and attic. There's also numerous stalls like a baker's and fishmonger's

There'd be not Frozen 2 without the characters so, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff mini dolls all come with; you'll also have three animal figures as well as numerous other accessories. 

What would Frozen 2 be without the wintery inspired melodies made to be sung out loud? For the little Frozen 2 fans in your home, now they can sing along with princess Elsa too all of the favourite songs.

Relive the beautiful, moment from the film when Elsa sings her powerful new song, you'll also see her dress light up in the gorgeous pattern inspired by the scene.

If you haven't seen the film yet, you're in for a real treat - the doll sings the new song "Into the Unknown" and says 14 film-inspired phrases.

Mix up and make your own magic, this Frozen 2 globe maker lets your little one get creative and capture the moment forever. 

This deluxe set is inspired by Frozen 2, and contains two talking dolls as part of Disney Animators' Collection and an array of accessories.

The 12 piece set includes Anna and Elsa Animator dolls both of which wearing satin dresses. You'll also get an Olaf soft toy, troll soft toy, two mittens and two alternative dresses.

Craft and build you're own jewellery box fit for a real princess. The intricate design can keep precious bits and pieces safe and they'll also find two LEGO rings locked inside.

It includes an Elsa mini doll and Nokk, a mythical water spirit figure - as well as a spinning function to see them spin around in front of the mirror.

This toy is perfect for little fans of the Frozen franchise, it plays Anna's key song from the film and comes with a magical septre.

The doll is dressed in her iconic outfit from the film and ready for endless amounts of imaginative play. Unleash your own snow powers by waving the Scepter and watch as a flurry of glittering snow swirls in the globe at the end of the wand.  

Bring the magic of Frozen two to your TV, this karaoke machine will provides hours of musical fun for your little ones and friends to enjoy alike. 

Connect the machine to your TV and view the lyrics also plays CDG disk, the  bluetooth enabled device wirelessly streams audio from any compatible device.

This sand-building kit comes with pots of shimmery soft sand and three moulds of your favourite Frozen characters – Elsa, Anna and the ever loving Olaf.

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