Scooters aren’t just for kids anymore. Sure, you probably have great memories of riding one as a child in the park or down the street, having the time of your life. You can now feel free to regain that feeling with a scooter for adults. Scooting is a cheap, fun, and environmentally friendly way to commute or get around, and it's recently become quite popular in cities that offer scooter rentals (and even cities that don't). Why rent when you can buy?

With large cities struggling to keep up with demand for public transportation, scooting allows you to create your own route at your own pace, so you’ll never have to run after a train as it pulls from the station before schedule ever again. 

When picking the scooter perfect for your commute, it's important to consider several aspects such as weight limit, tire size, and brake location, along with whether it's electric or not. We considered these and more when creating our list of best scooters for adults. 

And whether you choose an electric or manual scooter, one thing you'll definitely need is a helmet. This Amazon's Choice Schwinn bike helmet comes in several sizes, is lightweight, and can be had for less than $25. (Scooter safety is just as important as bike safety!)

These scooters are generally for replacing a car for the "last mile" of your commute on either end. Leave the car at home and take one of these babies to the train station or your office instead. You won't get a workout like you would with a bike (or, to a smaller degree, a manual kick scooter), but you will save gas while spending some quality time in fresh air. (And if you're commuting to a city, you'll also save time walking from the train to your office.)

Big Wheels Roller Skates

These are your classic non-electric scooters. They're generally cheaper and lighter than new-fangled electric versions, and give you something more akin to a "workout" when you use them, though they won't get you where you're going that much faster than walking. However, they are fun! 

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